This Bot Can Get You a Cheaper Flight Even After You Book

Don’t use Expedia, Priceline, or Kayak without it.

All of us have experienced that fear of price gouging when we book our flights on line.

Worst is when you actually book the flight and then you see the price go LOWER!  Well, with the power of Artificial Intelligence there may be an answer to help you sleep better at night when you are booking flights or hotel.

It’s called DoNotPay (

The real beauty about DoNotPay is that it works AFTER you have booked your flight ensuring that you get the best possible deal on your flight. Since flight and hotel prices change every single day, DoNotPay works by finding the travel confirmations from past bookings in the inbox of your e-mail box. When the price drops on the flight, DoNotPay has an artificial intelligence chatbot robot that acts as your lawyer to find a legal loophole to negotiate a cheaper price on your behalf. Then, DoNotPay will automatically rebook you (no rebooking charges because they know the loopholes) right on the spot.

The best case scenarios with booking flights to get a better deal are often within 24 hours of booking a flight.

Since you aren’t likely to go back and do all of that work just a few hours after you got through the pain of actually booking the flight, the DoNotPay robot can enable you a full refund within that time frame because of the clauses on how airlines set rebooking fees. It is estimated that there are some 70 to 90 loopholes per airline (you go figure that one out), and the robots are programmed to scan everything from whether warnings to schedule changes, so you can wriggle out of the overpriced ticket or hotel room.

DoNotPay is a free service so there are no fees and that means you’ll keep 100% of whatever you save on your rebooking. Even your data is completely encrypted and DoNotPay will seek your confirmation from you before proceeding with any rebooking. In doing my research, I even found out that they will help with parking tickets as well!

DoNotPay is pretty easy to set up.  Here’s how it’s done…

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