Use These Three Stocks to Profit if Trump Wins

Trump may be lagging in the polls, but that does not automatically count him out…

Incumbents are notoriously hard to beat. And as the election is decided by the Electoral College, Trump could still pull out a victory without a majority of the voters supporting him.

That is what happened in 2016. So, if he wins, you will want to have your wish list ready.

There are three themes that will work during a Trump presidency: guns, gold and energy.

These three sectors should explode. Let me explain why.


Deficit spending has soared under Trump, more than in most previous administrations. In fact, the national debt now exceeds our annual GDP for the first time since World War II. There is no reason to believe that this trend will reverse.

The president is not shy about sharing his love for debt, and Congress is not exactly made up of fiscal hawks. The U.S. dollar will suffer, albeit not as quickly as many think.

The entire world is printing money right along with the U.S. But each new dollar printed means the last dollar printed is worth just a little bit less – it’s all about supply.

The best way to counter this trend is with an asset that moves higher when the dollar moves lower, and that asset is gold. Look to a company like Kirkland Lake Gold (NYSE: KL) for exposure to gold from a company that has strong management and even stronger growth prospects.

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