3 Undercovered and Underloved Pot Stocks

With the cannabis market back in the spotlight we thought it might be a good idea to highlight some of the lesser-known and perhaps underloved names in the sector. Who knows, maybe we’ll turn up a great investment but in the meantime, in light of the recent run-up in prices, there are some stocks that offer a value relative to their larger cousins. Names like Canopy Growth Corporation and Aurora Cannabis have seen their shares rise 300% or more since the market confirmed its bottom while others have posted much smaller gains.

Planet 13 Is A Destination Location

Planet 13 (OTCMKTS:PLNHF) began its uptrend long before the broader cannabis market. Located and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, it may be the most exciting thing in U.S. cannabis right now. The company is a vertically integrated producer of medical and adult-use cannabis with a vision that reminds me of the Ray Kroc story. Ray Kroc is quoted as telling a class his business was not hamburgers, it was real estate, he just made money selling hamburgers. In the case of Planet 13, the company makes most of its money from cannabis sales but the vision is much larger.

The company is a destination-location and tourist attraction for all things cannabis. You don’t have to want to smoke weed to enjoy a trip to the Superstore. Not only is there a larger and growing display floor tended by expert “bud-tenders” but the company is building out a dining operation, crowd-facing production facilities, and museum-quality displays intended to educate the public on cannabis and its history. To put the power of the company’s business model into perspective, the company has been growing revenue via traffic and sales at a high-double-rate despite the pandemic. And the company is expanding.

Bob Groesbeck, Co-CEO. “We are excited to leverage our knowledge and experience from Nevada to California, with the opening of our new dispensary in Santa Ana in 2021 – the world’s second-largest dispensary. Planet 13 is well-capitalized, and we look forward to executing on future expansion into other major growth markets.”

3 Undercovered and Underloved Pot Stocks

The Green Organic Dutchman, A Boutique Brand

The Green Organic Dutchman (OTCMKTS:TGODF) is a smaller boutique label operating in Ontario, the single-largest cannabis market within Canada. We like it because the company is well-positioned as one not hampered by over-capacity and over-production like many of the larger operators are. Even after a year+ of repositioning and shoring up balance sheets the larger operators are still carrying dead weight. This situation sets The Green Organic Dutchman up for more sustainable growth and a safer road to profitability as it gains market share, deepens exposure in other provinces, and ramps production.

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