Buy Apple Stock Before It Unleashes This “Next Big Thing”

At some point this year, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) will unveil its next game-changing product, triggering the start of yet another big price rally.

You’ll want to buy Apple stock before that happens.

Despite Apple’s legendary secrecy, accurate information about products the company is working on does leak out. This is especially true the closer the product gets to its release date.

It’s part of my job to keep a close eye on all the Apple rumors, leaks, and predictions (I don’t mind a bit, by the way).

Of all the big tech stocks, none is the object of more speculation than Apple. So there’s a lot of noise out there mixed in with those rare golden tidbits that actually give investors valuable insight into Apple’s future prospects.

As an Apple analyst, fan, and customer since 1985, I have a pretty good idea of what makes the company tick. Experience has taught me to view the numerous rumors with skepticism – and how spot the few with legitimate potential.

The leak I’m talking about is almost certainly Apple’s next major product category, and the first for the tech giant since the debut of the Apple Watch in 2014.

Before the end of 2021, we’re going to see something called “Apple Glass” – augmented reality eyeglasses.

This information comes from prolific Apple leaker Jon Prosser, who posts what he learns in his own “Front Page Tech” YouTube channel.

According to the AppleTrack website, Prosser is the sixth most accurate leaker of Apple news, with a 79.2% accuracy rate.

And his report on Apple Glass is surprisingly detailed. Before I go into the implications of this product, let’s go over Prosser’s report…

Here’s All the Leaked Info on Apple Glass

One the intriguing things about Prosser’s Apple Glass video is that he didn’t just report some leaked features from an insider. He says he saw the device himself. And his description is full of details that support that claim.

Another thing that struck me was that Prosser made no outlandish claims for a crazy-looking, futuristic device. In fact, his mundane description of how Apple Glass will look was one of the things that rang true to me.

According to Prosser, Apple Glass won’t stand out at all. The device will pretty much look like regular eyeglasses. Only the wearer will see the AR data.

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