Get Ready for a 300% 3D-Printing Rise

You don’t have to work very hard to imagine what the hospital of the future will look like — it’s already here.

On-site 3D printers are cranking out medical supplies, prosthetic limbs and anatomical models of patients.

3D-printed bones, organs, heart valves, skin, synthetic hair and even cartilage for knee and hip replacement surgery.

3D printing is taking health care to the next level.

In 2017, just 3% of hospitals had a 3D printer on-site. But today, hundreds are used around the world.

By the end of next year, 25% of surgeons will practice on 3D-printed models of the patient prior to surgery.

This trend is growing fast.

And the time to invest is now.

Get Ready for a 300% Rise

The global market for 3D printing is poised to explode — projected to rise more than 300% by 2025 — to $44.4 billion — up from $10.87 billion in 2018.

The technology has already transformed a range of industries, from aviation and automotive to consumer goods and food.

But modern medicine is one of the biggest beneficiaries of 3D printing.

It’s being used to produce dental implants and spinal discs.

In Florida, doctors and medical students are using 3D-printed patient models — made from MRIs — to perfect surgical techniques before operating.

These are just the latest examples of how 3D printing and precision medicine are teaming up to give our health care system an America 2.0 upgrade.

These two mega trends are at the center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

These companies are not only changing health care for the better. They’re also providing the biggest investment opportunity of 2020 — and perhaps the century.

3D-Printing Stocks for Skyrocketing Growth

There are two great ways to leverage the skyrocketing growth of 3D printing today:

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