Here’s Why Red-Hot ZOM Stock Could Soar Another 200%

Seemingly out of nowhere, a tiny vet-med stock by the name of Zomedica (NYSEMKT:ZOM) has turned into one of Wall Street’s biggest winners over the past few months. Since early November, ZOM stock has risen by more than 1,000%.

It was a huge rally in an underfollowed name that no one saw coming. Well, almost no one.

I alerted subscribers in July that ZOM stock was an explosive play on the “we’re starting to treat pets like humans” megatrend.

Indeed, thanks to its breakthrough pet diagnostics platform TRUFORMA, I called Zomedica the “most exciting biotech company in the market today.

At the time, Zomedica’s stock price was around 20 cents. Zomedica’s price today is closing in on $1 — meaning Daily 10X subs are up almost 400% on ZOM stock in about six months.

To understand the big picture bull thesis on ZOM stock, we must first take a step back and look at the context of this company. That context, of course, is that pets are becoming humans, and as such, we are spending more and more money on all-things pet-care-related.

I’m a single child. Yet, growing up, my pops always called me “number two.”

Who beat me out? Rudy. Our dog. Our 30-pound, too-cute-for-this-world, eats-everything-in-sight pug.

Of course, the “number two” thing was a joke. But behind every joke, there’s a hint of truth. Rudy was part of the family. And we treated him like it. He ate what we ate. He slept where we slept. He traveled with us. The whole nine yards.

As it turns, Rudy was no exception in the U.S. Pets across America are increasingly becoming a part of the family. They are starter children for young couples. They are replacement children for empty nesters. They are best friends for single children (I would know).

The humanization of pets is a quickly emerging trend, which has led to U.S. pet-care spend rising by more than 100% since 2010. Companies who have capitalized on this “pets are humans” megatrend have been big winners.

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