Obscure Stock Group Returns 570% on Average

Editor’s Note: Below is an important message from my friend and highly valued sponsor Empire Financial Research. Please read it carefully as they have some critical information to share with you.

Few investors believed me earlier this year when I said the convergence of two tech trends would bring “an enormous sea change to our society.” Specifically, I wrote:

There’s simply nothing bigger than this in the investment world. That’s why the money is pouring into this space.

I’m happy to report that it’s been a great call…

In fact, a collection of 20 companies in this high-tech space have returned an average of more than 570% gains over roughly the past six months.

Yes, you read that correctly: The AVERAGE gain among these 20 stocks was 570% over a recent six-month period!

And the reason I’m telling you about this today is simple:

If you don’t know what this technology trend is… and if you’re not yet invested, I can almost assure that you’re missing out on the market’s biggest gains.

Surprisingly, most investors still don’t have a clue, because this has nothing to do with 5G, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, cryptos, quantum computers, or the other “hot” tech trends the mainstream press is obsessed with.

So please, get the facts for yourself.

As I’ve repeatedly said, the best thing you can do as an investor is to position yourself in front of a massive, inevitable trend… and then just sit back and enjoy the spectacular ride.

That’s what you could be looking at right now if you know where the big money is going.

And that’s why my Empire Financial Research team and I have put together a full analysis, which explains everything you need to know about this skyrocketing tech sector, including the stock name and ticker symbol of our favorite stock pick in this space.

You can access our analysis – including our charts, photos, and videos that accompany it – on our website, right here.

The best part?

No subscription, credit card, or e-mail address is required to check out our thorough analysis on this incredible trend and get our No. 1 stock pick in this space.

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Best regards,

Whitney Tilson
Founder, Empire Financial Research

P.S. I’m as convinced as ever that almost everyone is going to be stunned by how quickly this new technological development will advance and the rollout across America will occur.

It’s already booming in places like California, Arizona, Florida, Washington D.C., and Massachusetts. But few realize it’s spreading EVERYWHERE. Just recently, for example, the city of Boise, Idaho approved a new measure that would require all new homes to be built with the ability to use this incredible new technology. Don’t be left behind. Check out our analysis and get our No. 1 pick in this booming tech space on our website, right here.

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