The ONE Thing You Must Do Ahead of the Election

Regular Bauman Daily readers know that I don’t usually publish an article on Mondays. That’s when Clint Lee, Angela Jirau and I release our weekly Your Money Matters video.

And yet here I am, writing to you the day before a momentous U.S. election.

Blame Hurricane Zeta. Its winds toppled trees all over Atlanta. One just down the street from my house severed the neighborhood electricity supply. No juice means no videos.

But even a hurricane can’t keep me down. So on Friday, I drove up to Lake Lanier, boarded my sailboat, plugged my laptop into shore power and began to write.

As I did, it occurred to me that maybe fate is involved.

After all, I’ve been talking a lot in recent weeks about the importance of this election for the economy and the stock market. Some people think my views are controversial … even though they’re shared by the biggest names on Wall Street.

So instead of letting me get away with my normal routine, the gods of financial journalism forced me to come up with one more message before the big day.

The message?

Relax. We’ve got this.

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