These 3 Dividend Stocks Are Practically Money Machines

What’s the last thing in the world income-seeking investors want? Inconsistency. If you can’t count on sure and steady dividends from the stocks you buy, you need to look for better alternatives.

The best way to ensure that you get consistency with dividend payouts is to pick stocks of companies with business models built for the long run. Here are three such dividend stocks that are practically money machines.

1. Brookfield Infrastructure

Inflation stands out as a big risk for income investors. If a company doesn’t regularly increase its dividend to keep up with inflation, your money won’t go as far. But you don’t have anything to worry about on this front with Brookfield Infrastructure (NYSE:BIP) (NYSE:BIPC). It’s one of the most inflation-proof dividend stocks on the market.

As its name indicates, Brookfield Infrastructure owns infrastructure assets. The company’s portfolio includes cell towers, data centers, natural gas pipelines, railroads, ports, toll roads, and utilities. Many of these businesses have inflation escalators built into their contracts with customers. Nearly all of Brookfield Infrastructure’s assets generate steady, dependable cash flow every quarter.

Brookfield Infrastructure’s distribution (equivalent to a dividend) currently yields close to 3.5%. The company has increased its distribution by a compound annual growth rate of 10% since 2009.

In addition to the attractive distribution, Brookfield Infrastructure also offers investors solid growth prospects. With an infrastructure super-cycle underway, the company should be able to continue outperforming the market. 

2. Easterly Government Properties

Let’s briefly put dividend stocks aside. U.S. Treasury bills are viewed by many as one of the safest investments around. Why? They’re backed by the U.S. government. Easterly Government Properties (NYSE:DEA) is a money machine for a similar reason.

Easterly isn’t as safe as T-bills, but you’re not going to find many dividend stocks with less risk. The company is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that leases properties to the U.S. government. It currently owns 88 properties to federal agencies including the Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Veterans Administration. 

As a REIT, Easterly must return at least 90% of taxable income to shareholders in the form of dividends. Its dividend yield currently stands at nearly 5%. 

The company has more growth opportunities than you might think. Easterly expects the U.S. government will expand the number of properties that it leases in the future due to budget constraints. The federal real estate market is highly fragmented and has high barriers to entry. Easterly is well-positioned to add more properties to its portfolio. 

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